Our Testimonials

Aidan O’Grady – General Manager NECA Services

‘Different, Crazy but good different crazy! I have enjoyed supporting Goran on his BIG DIG attempt in 2016 and I am back for more this year! Good luck mate, you will need it!

Kylie Muriale – Fundraising Coordinator – Camp Quality WA

Goran has an incredibly generous nature, a genuine community spirit and unshakable determination. He is the quintessential Camp Quality fundraiser, digging deep (literally!) to help provide opportunities for families impacted by cancer to smile again.

His commitment and drive is, without question, truly remarkable. We are incredibly grateful for the contribution and support he has shown to Camp Quality over the years and we wish him the very best this coming October.

Brenton Clark – BIG DIG 2016 Team

The 2016 big dig was pretty unimpressive really; one bloke digging a hole. Blokes dig holes everyday.

That is, until you realise it was one bloke, non-stop for 24 hours. And what is even more impressive is that he moved 30 tonnes of sand. That’s enough to fill a semi!

But the best bit is that, through his generosity and persistence, he raised over 25 grand to help make sick kids smile through the great charity that is Camp Quality.