Programmed Facility Management backs BIG DIG 2017

In late October, Camp Quality are sending 12 deserving families to Rottnest Island to attend a Family Camp. Family Camps are an opportunity for families to reconnect with each other and build a support network with other families on a similar cancer journey. It is an opportunity to relax and make memories not centred on sickness or tragedy – often for the first time since a diagnosis.

We are delighted to announce the team at Programmed Facility Management are keen to support Camp Quality by providing ferry tickets to Rottnest Island once again this year. Through this generosity, it means that Camp Quality can ensure the funds usually set aside for transport can be invested into ensure families create lasting memories together.

Camp Quality, relies heavily on the generosity of everyday Australians and corporate partners to keep their programs and services running.

We are truly grateful for the support and contribution of Programmed Facility Management. Thank you!